Digiline to start building developer tools on Secret

Digiline is pleased to announce our grant proposal to SCRT Labs to build new developer tools for Secret has been approved. This week we commenced Phase 1 of the project. In this phase we will deliver a local web based IDE similar to the popular Ethereum IDE, Remix. If you are a new developer to Secret Network then this tool will be one of the best places to get started. Please keep an eye on this blog or in the Secret Network Developer Committee for up-to-date announcements as we get closer to completion.

Digiline is also excited to announce that we’ve spun up a validator node and it is currently sitting in the inactive set. We’ve set up the best hardware currently compatible with Secret located in a highly secure data center with power backup and network redundancy. Details of our node are as follows:

  • Intel Xeon E-2388G (3.2 GHz base frequency, 8 cores 16 threads)
  • 128GB 3200 MT/s Dual Channel DDR4 ECC RAM (4x Micron 18ASF4G72AZ-3G2B1)
  • 2x1.92TB NVME SSD in raid 1 (SAMSUNG MZQL21T9HCJR-00A07)
  • 1000 Mbps Download Speed, 2000 Mbps Upload Speed

We will also provide an extra level of visibility into the performance and health of our validator via https://scrt-validator.digiline.io/

Your delegations matter to us and so we hope that this small gesture helps you feel more comfortable with your investment. In the future, we may be able to offer other nice tools on this page such as analytical analysis of our voting history, discussion for or against particular votes, or maybe even DAO tools…

Thank you for following along with our team this far. We hope you stick around and can’t wait to start building a better web with you!