Secret Contract Verifier (beta)

How do you solve the 🐓🥚problem?

Buidl. Buidl. Buidl.

Today, Digiline releases the Secret Contract Verifier, a tool that the cosmos direly needs for blockchain security.

For the first time in history, private blockchains like Secret Network allow people to verify the backend systems processing their data if the company or organization chooses to open source those systems while keeping user data secure and private. Until today, the process for contract verification on Secret Network was cumbersome and only practical by highly skilled developers. Digiline has automated the process so that any individual can now follow a couple of simple steps to verify contracts.

Contract code verification is an essential condition for trustless internet architecture. It helps:

  • Parties stay honest with each other
  • Gives communities power to self-audit code
  • Encourages open source collaboration, ultimately unlocking human capital and ecosystem value

This is the value of blockchain.

My first answer to the question, “Why blockchain?” has always been two-fold.

  1. Security
  2. Human Efficiency

We just talked about security and how contract code verification is essential in securing a trustless internet. Now, let’s explore blockchain’s ability to boost levels of human efficiency.

Is blockchain technically more efficient than centralized systems? No, of course not. But the most significant human problems are often not purely technical ones. Blockchain does three things for human efficiency:

  • Allows disparate but passionate minds to self-assemble into productive communities around one or many ideas they agree on, creating diverse and inclusive communities.
  • Enables digital ownership. Ownership is a phycological factor that encourages high levels of productivity and quality. It’s also the basis of modern economies.
  • Encourages more open source code, achieving decentralized collaboration at a scale never seen before. Altogether, these benefits yield higher quality products and raise the bar on human capitalization 🧢

Digiline is happy to release Contract Verification for Secret Network. Please follow and share to stay up to date on the best new developer tools and cosmos products coming your way.

Upward and Onward!