Secret IDE in beta

Dear Community,

Today we are happy to announce the release of our first product, the Digiline IDE for Secret Network. Onboarding into Web3 development is a challenge. There are several concepts even the most experienced developers must understand before reaching maximum proficiency. In the Cosmos ecosystem, a professional developer’s toolkit would include:

  • The Rust programming language
  • The gRPC internet protocol
  • A blockchain specific local -> staging -> production environment workflow
  • A blockchain specific debugging experience

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Then, developers must comprehend new paradigms of blockchain development. The age-old client/server model does not apply in contract development. Web3 contract development is more like backend microservice management than traditional backend development. Suppose you ever worked on a project with dozens, if not hundreds, of microservices. In that case, you must certainly have felt the pain of orchestrating such an environment. You can bet that even for the most tenured Web 2.0 developers, diving into Web3 is quite a lift.

Digiline has set out to ease the Web3 onboarding experience by curating a project-specific environment accessible from a web browser. This IDE gives Web3 developers everything they need to begin iterating in minutes instead of days. Today the IDE includes the following valuable features:

  • Instant contract bootstrapping
  • contract instantiation
  • One-click deploy to testnet and mainnet
  • SNIP721 (NFT) Form-Based Builder

The best developers are always able and willing to learn new paradigms or the right tool for a project. Still, that learning effort comes with a cost. By creating and providing expertly curated “digital guardrails,” Digiline will be seen as the preferred cloud environment for Web3. Our tools will unlock efficiency without limiting flexibility. Get ready for the next wave of Web3 development!